Saga Dawa Animal Release Fundraiser

At the request of Geshe Wangdu, a small team of his students have been working on the creation of an organization that will fulfill several aims.

We are so pleased to announce the formation of the Atisha Buddhist Center (ABC). ABC is organized exclusively for charitable and/or educational purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Geshe Wangdu has a long term vision for the center and how it will primarily be able to teach Dharma over a much wider student body.

The mission of ABC is:

  • To provide education to develop and enhance physical, spiritual, intellectual and mental endurance and stability to the student body.
  • To preserve and promote ancient Buddhist Teachings.
  • To support Buddhist Monks and Nuns.
  • To encourage peaceful and non-discriminatory causes.
  • To conduct classes, seminars and meetings to promote such activities.